5 Seconds of Summer Circus AU Preference (Malum) 

Michael: (Lion Tamer) (His POV)

“Don’t give me that look, Freddie, you know we are not finished practicing until you jump through this hoop!” I scolded, staring at my youngest and least experienced lion. He gave a soft moan, indicating his frustration. Usually I’d call it a day, but I really want to incorporate him into tonight’s show. I kicked my left foot into the sand of the ring, signaling him to give me his attention. I then shook the hoop I was holding, spinning it briefly before catching it once again, and Freddie came running, finally hopping through and landing on the other side.

“Perfect!” I praised, giving him a pet and a treat. Most people think it’s insane that I can train lions like dogs, and I suppose I do have a gift, but to me this is the most fun I could ever be having.

“Alright, that’s enough for today” I announced, leading him back to his cage and locking him up for the night.

“He’s going to be the greatest lion you ever work with” I heard, the soft voice from over my shoulder, turned to see Y/N, the young, beautiful psychic.

“I, erm, I’m not so sure of that” I stammered, she is so gorgeous.  

“I am” She replied confidently, her bright eyes shining.

I was at a loss for words, I watched her circle his cage, running her hands over the bars.

“Can I pet him?” She asked, turning towards me again.

“Sure” I said, pulling the keys from my pocket and opening one of the smaller, side doors. I stepped back, giving her space, but as she began to slide her hand in, it began to shake. I can’t imagine Y/N being afraid of anything, but she was scared of Freddie!

“Um, he likes- he likes when you pet him here” I helped, wrapping my hand over hers and placing it on Freddie’s back, where he likes it the best. I watched her slowly get more comfortable, a small smile on her face and she felt his soft fur.

“He won’t hurt you” I added

“I know” She replied, smirking.

“Oh right” I laughed “Of course you do”

“I don’t know everything” She said, focused on Freddie.

“What don’t you know?” I asked, keeping a close on them both.

“I don’t know about you” She said, turning to look at me. She pulled her hand out and I shut the cage and locked it.

Somehow in those seconds I earned the courage of a lion and I got closer to her, until I was standing beside her looking down into her eyes.

“Let me show you” I said, leaning in as our lips collided and a lions roar filled the background.

Calum: (Magician) 

“Would you stop playing with my rabbit?” Calum playfully scolded, giving me his goofy grin as he stared at me cuddling his little bunny, which we had named “Hocus” and his sister bunny “Pocus”

“I think I can play with whatever I want, considering in a few minutes you will be sawing me in half” I countered, grabbing a little baby carrot to give to Hocus.

“I suppose we are even then” He declared, checking over his deck of cards and other magican materials.

The room fell silent, but not in a bad way. I heard the crowd roar in the background, indicating we would be on soon.

I stood up, shaking out my red sparkly dress and I saw Calum checking me out from his spot across the room. I gave him a wink while pulling my long silk gloves and he laughed before adjusting his bow tie and winking back.

“And now, I am pleased to welcome, Cosmic Calum and his lovely assistant, Miss. Y/N Moon!” I heard our ring leader, Luke’s voice and took the arm Calum held out for me as he lead me into the spotlights.

Our stage was already set up and I took my place to Cal’s right. Giving the audience a flirtatious wave as whistles filled the room, something I knew slightly bothered Calum but I didn’t mind, his jealous behavior after the show was worth it.

The show was going flawlessly, but our next act was the most dangerous. The saw. The crowd cheered as Cal helped me slip into the box, my curls falling off the side of the table I rested my head on. My heart raced and my facade was slipping from my control, I hate this act but the crowd loves it so I have to do it. Calum pulled out the first saw, slicing a pineapple in half to prove its real. While he does that, I have seconds to move my legs out of the lower box and into my upper box, placing myself into quite possibly the most uncomfortable position humanly achievable. He lines the saw up over the correct spot, and slides it in quickly. The next goes into the upper box with my entire body, and it will miss my right thigh by centimeters. The entire time I am thinking the safe word over and over. Titanic, Titanic, Titanic… I wait and feel nothing but the rush of air as the blade enters the box. I release my breathe carefully and give Calum our look, the look that allows him to continue. The final saw now will completely “separate” my body, and works perfectly. Calum then brings the boxes back, and he lifts me out and spins me around, the crowd goes wild. When he sets me back down, my legs are numb so I clutch onto him for support. He takes my hand as we bow, multiple times before heading out, and I feel a sense of security when I am back behind the curtain.
“Another flawless show Ms. Moon” Calum praised

“You’re not bad yourself Cal” I blushed, as he pulled me in to celebrate.

“How about we have a little encore? I have a few tricks left up my sleeve.” He teased, pressing his body against mine.

“Absolutely, I can never get enough of your magic”   

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